Seven Super Sundays

April 1st – Easter Sunday @ 10:00 am

        Drama presentation

        Attendance Drive awards at the end of the service

        Easter Egg Hunt after the Sunday morning service

The drama will be presented at both services on Sunday @ 10:00 am & 6:00 pm

April 8th – Friend Day @ 10:00 am

         A special gift for everyone in the service

We at Landmark desire to be a friendly community of believers.  Our goal is that new people are just friends we haven’t met yet.

April 15th – Children’s Day @ 10:00 am

       A special service for children of all ages

Every child present will receive a special gift.

April 22nd – Educator Day @ 10:00 am

       A special presentation and gift for all educators

We appreciate those involved in the field education both academically and spiritually.

April 29th – First Responder Day @ 10:00 am

        All First Responders present will be honored with a gift

There will be a cook-out after the service.

As a part of a community, we at Landmark, appreciate those who make themselves available to help in times of crisis with protection and support.

May 6th – Heritage Day @ 10:00 am

        Celebrating the last 10 years of Landmark Apostolic Church

10 years ago Pastor and Sis. Schramm moved to Danville with a desire to fulfill God’s plan for their ministry and the Danville church.  God has blessed us all on this journey and this service is dedicated to God and all those who have been a part of it.

There will be a special fellowship dinner after the service.

There will not be a service in the evening.

May 13th – Mother’s Day @ 10:00 am

        Every mother present will be honored with a gift

We would like to give honor to all mothers for their job description is lengthy and their hard work, often under appreciated.

May 20th – Pentecost Sunday

        Guest speaker – Evangelist Aaron Wright

Pentecost Sunday is a day that we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  God has breathed life and hope into us by His Spirit with the promise that one day we will be with Him throughout eternity.  His Spirit not only gives us a future hope but strength, peace, and joy in this life on earth.