Meet Our Ministry Team

Our ministry team is here to help you draw closer in your walk with God. These ministers are dedicated to the missions of Landmark Apostolic Church "Where your HEART can feel like HOME." We want you to feel at home when you walk through the doors of our church. Please meet our ministry staff!


Aaron & Jessica Wright

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Youth Pastor & Music Director

Jaime & Maria Harding

Jaime and Maria met at Indiana Bible College and have been married for almost ten years! They have two beautiful children, Caleb and Chloe. Jaime is the Youth Leader at Landmark, has the hefty task of driving the church bus, and he’s also a member of the Church Board. Maria serves as the church’s music director.

Church Treasurer & Social Media

Jeremy & Michele Harding

Jeremy and Michele serve in multiple ministry capacities. Jeremy ministers through preaching and also serves as the church treasurer. Michele helps with organizing events and is over our social media. Jeremy and Michele have three children, Brady, Amelia and Oliver.

Guest Services

Rob & Lori Wells

Rob and Lori Wells serve as the head of Guest Services! You’ll see these wonderful people upon entering the church door, anything you may need they can help! Rob and Lori are pictured here with two of their children, Richard and Faith.

Church Board & Ministry Team

Robert & Diana Kuhns

Robert and Diane Kuhns have served the Lord most of their lives. Diane is a local minister in the church and Robert serves as a member of the Church Board. Robert and Diane love spending time with their grandsons Andrew and Hudson!

Sound & Sunday School Team

Jennifer Harding

Sound Tech

Breeanna Cory & Becky Harding

Sunday School

Wayne & Pauline Savidge

Sunday School